IFG – Institut für forensische Genetik Münster, Prof. Dr. Bernd Brinkmann

How does the test work?

  1. First contact us. We will send you all the necessary documentation and the appropriate authorisation forms. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have.
  2. Once the order has been placed, the next step is the collection of a sample by a doctor of your choice, by a health authority, by an embassy doctor, or at the IFG. Each sample involves two oral swabs using a cotton pad. This is fast and completely painless. When the sample is taken, all those involved must confirm their identity with an official identity card, so that the identity of each participant can be properly checked and documented. At present, the rules for the execution of a parentage assessment also call for the submission of a current photograph or fingerprint of each participant.
  3. Testing and the completion of a report take approx. one-to-two weeks from the receipt of all samples by our laboratory.

We are happy to advise you regarding our services and the cost of the procedure.
You can contact us by telephone on weekdays between 9am and 4pm, or by email via info@ifg-ms.de.

Mrs Eickholt, Prof. Dr. med. Bernd Brinkmann’s office,
Tel. 0049 (0)2534 53869-12