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General information regarding DNA parentage assessments

A DNA parentage assessment provides either clear proof of a particular familial relationship, or a definitive exclusion of such a relationship. In general, proof can be said to exist when none of DNA systems tested produces a negative result. In such cases, a further bio-statistical assessment will be carried out, which generally leads to a statistical probability of 99.99 percent. An exclusion is confirmed by a second round of testing, and will be confirmed by the IFG if present in at least four DNA systems.

An oral swab from each person involved is normally required. This sample should be collected by a doctor (a registered doctor, a doctor at a forensic institute, a health authority doctor, or a doctor known to and trusted by an embassy). When the sample is taken, a report should be made by the doctor taking the sample. A copy of the report should be submitted to the IFG together with the sample. We provide the doctor with all of the required containers and documentation in advance. Testing and the completion of a report take approx. one-to-two weeks from the receipt of all the necessary samples.

A parentage assessment can be made without the involvement of the child’s mother. In order to ensure the same level of certainty as if the child’s mother had been involved, supplementary testing is usually required. This increases the price per person tested compared to testing involving the child’s mother. In such cases, if the child is younger than the age of consent, the agreement of the mother is required for an assessment to be carried out.

In order to determine parentage in deficient cases (e.g. if the father is deceased) or other familial relationships (e.g. siblings, grandparent/child, cousins, among others) more thorough testing is usually required (involving 20 or more DNA systems). Prior discussion of such cases is required, in order to determine which individuals are to be involved. In such cases, more complex bio-statistical analysis is also necessary.

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