IFG – Institut für forensische Genetik Münster, Prof. Dr. Bernd Brinkmann


How long will it take for me to receive my test results?
The completion of a report takes approx. one-to-two weeks from the receipt of all the necessary samples. In cases ordered by a court, the results will be provided to the court. In private paternity tests and DNA tests for family reunification the assessment will be sent directly to those involved.

How certain are the results of the test?
A probability of over 99.9 percent is given a rating of “paternity proved for all practical purposes”. This value is significantly exceeded in the tests we carry out, to ensure a high degree of security.

I want to carry out a paternity test without the knowledge of my wife. Is that possible?
No. “Secret paternity tests” are not possible in Germany. The Genetic Diagnosis Act includes strict instructions in this respect. The written agreement of all the parties concerned must be provided.

How much do the tests cost?
Our prices can be found in our current price list.

Can I pay in instalments?
Assessments are only delivered after the payment of the full invoice amount. In individual cases, payment in instalments before the delivery of the assessment may be possible. Please contact us for more details.

Do I have to travel to Münster in order for the test to be carried out?
No, we work together with health authorities and established doctors in your area, so there is no need for you to travel to Münster.

My children/my family are abroad, how can you receive samples?
We work together with German embassies. Your children/family will be invited to the German embassy, where saliva samples will be collected by their medical service. In Nairobi (Kenya) you must make your own appointment online. Please visit the website of the respective embassy for more information, or refer to the letter sent to you by the embassy.

Can I take my own saliva sample and send it to you?
No, that is not possible. According to the Genetic Diagnosis Act, samples may only be taken by appropriate professionals who are neutral in the case. This allows identification to take place on the basis of official documents (ID card or passport), in order to avoid any abuse.

Can you give me the results of the test over the phone?
No. Results may only be communicated in person or by post. In the case of assessments ordered by a court, we are unable to disclose the results to those involved.