IFG – Institut für forensische Genetik Münster, Prof. Dr. Bernd Brinkmann

The institute

The Institut für Forensische Genetik GmbH [IFG] emerged from Prof. Dr. Bernd Brinkmann’s working group for forensic molecular genetics. Prof. Brinkmann was the director of the Institute of Legal Medicine at Münster, and the institute’s working group was largely overtaken by the new company. The IFG team is made up of scientists and technical assistants, and is characterised by its extensive experience in the field of forensic DNA analysis.

The IFG carries out parentage assessments (e.g. paternity tests) as well as forensic and molecular-genetic examinations in criminal cases for the police, public prosecutors as well as local, regional, state and federal courts throughout Germany and abroad. Prof. Brinkmann’s team has been carrying out criminal investigations since the company was founded in summer 2007. Since 2010, the Institute has also carried out molecular-genetic testing of saliva samples for entry into the DNA Analysis Database (DAD) on behalf of a state office of criminal investigation.

A further area of business is the direction of GEDNAP (German DNA Profiling) proficiency tests, which are carried out for quality assurance in the field of forensic genetics and DNA analysis on behalf of the Stain Commission, the Joint Commission of German institutes of Legal Medicine and Forensic Science.

Our services

The Institute for Forensic Genetics offers the following services:

  • Paternity tests, paternity assessments
  • Kinship assessments, general parentage assessments
  • DNA assessments for family reunifications
  • Forensic DNA analysis
  • Identification of unidentified corpses
  • Assessment of skeletons
  • Animal species assessment